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Client before procedure. We are getting ready to enhance her natural beauty! She is receiving eyebrows, eyeliner, and full lips.

Initial Procedural Costs:

Eyebrows:  $400.00 (includes 1 Retouch)

Upper Eyeliner:  $225.00 (includes 1 Retouch)

Lower Eyeliner:  $175.00 (includes 1 Retouch)

Full Lips:  $425.00 (includes 1 Retouch)

Lip Liner:  $200.00 (includes 1 retouch)

Generally, throughout the industry, most procedures require a follow-up retouch scheduled no sooner than 6 weeks and no later than 90 days from initial appointment.

Client immediately following all 3 procedures. Swelling and redness will typically last approximately 24 hrs. Skin will naturally exfoliate and pigment will soften approximately 60-70% on lip color, and eyeliner and eyebrows typically soften 30-40%, for a more natural look. 

Client completely healed. Photo taken approximately one month following procedures.


No more having to draw on eyebrows or eyeliner. Perfect everyday! Lips are fuller looking and perfect!

No touch -up was required. 

100% client satisfaction!

For Our Specials

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